Expertise in handling multi-disciplinary electronic and power electronic designs involving analog, digital, high voltage, high power, high speed, FPGAs, sensors, actuators. We also have strong experience in developing complex multi-board systems. We also integrate technologies like AR, VR, RFID, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning.

We can provide the customer with innovative engineering solutions starting from concept development till certification and serial manufacturing.


We specialize in rapid product design and development. Our engineers can quickly take the product ideas from concepts to prototypes and manufacturing through our Incubation Centers and EMS facility partners.

Our design team expertise includes the following:

Strong technical skills in various HDLC phases of hardware development projects from requirement capture to the final product delivery with compliance to required certification standards

Analog, digital, mixed and high-speed electronic design (design, simulation, and performance verification) which includes processor, DSP, PLD, FPGA, MOSFET, IGBT, SCR, TRIAC, and PWM based design

ARINC 429, ARINC 664, MIL 1553B, TTP, CAN, RS232, RS485, USB, I2C, Ethernet, and custom wired communications

Sensor interface designs such as proximity, strain, pressure, resolvers and thermal sensors, data acquisition and signal conditioning

Design related analysis such as stress, worst-case, power, noise margin, logical compatibility, lightning, EMI/EMC, Monte Carlo & thermal analysis, timing and performance, fire and flammability analysis.

High speed design, 
power integrity and signal integrity analysis utilizing tools such as HyperLynx (Single and differential signals)


Designing with IGBTs, MOSFETS, BJTs, SCRs.
AC, DC Solid state switch design

  1. Protection Design: Lightning, I2t, Over Current, Under & Over Voltage, Surge, In-rush and Polarity Protection, Hot swap, High In-rush Driver circuits
  2. Power Quality Measurements, Controls, Current sensing: Steady state/Rupture current
  3. Thermal Management/packaging for Power devices/electronics
    Design of Solar Charge Controllers 
  4. Design of Dimmable and non-Dimmable Constant Current LED Drivers
  1. Design of Automatic Line Voltage Stabilizers, Static Power Conditioners, Static Tap Changers
  2. Design of High and Low Frequency Magnetics
    Zero Voltage Switching & Zero Current switching 
  3. Sine PWM Control/Generation and Space Vector Control
  4. Ground Fault Interrupt (GFI) Protection
  1. Expertise in tracking of Maximum Power Point (MPP) of Solar panels
  2. Design of Battery management Systems, Chargers for Lead Acid & Lithium Ion Batteries
  3. Control loops using Phase and Gain Compensation
  4. Fly back converters, Buck, Boost, Isolated/Non isolated convertersbased power Supplies
  1. As per MIL and other industry standards
  2. Design of Static Transfer switches
  3. Design of 13Φ and 3Φ AC & DC Motor Drives
  4. Design of 1Φ and 3Φ Invertors, 3Φ Grid Synchronization