• Full lease details.
• Detailed maintenance reserve fund analysis
• Lease budget forecasting e.g. project figures
• Notification management (i.e. opt-in/opt-out)
• Critical notifications specific to employee roles
• Export feature across all modules
• Ease of integration with many accounting systems
    e.g. SAP, SAGE, SUN etc.
• Multiple technical specification reports.
• Rental Schedule reporting. 

Key lease data in one place :

• Lease type, floating, fixed or mixed.
• Lease libor rates.
• Key lease dates.
• Lessee details including sub lessee status.
• Key financial data including Cash Reserves, MR fund balance details etc.
• Operating details including environment, region of operation, delivery and redelivery dates and lease operator details.

Essential asset details in one place :

• All basic asset details such as MSN, make, model, engine details.
• Detail of asset ownership hierarchy and current asset status.
• Asset portfolio status.
• Key asset financial data including maintenance reserve asset valuation and insurance data.
• Key asset technical data including delivery and redelivery dates. 

Document management (Module II)

  • Electronic filing and indexing of aircraft records.
  • Standardize the approach to data storage, search, management and retrieval
  • Improve business processes by capturing aircraft images & data and transforming them into organized and searchable data.
  • Improve audit quality and regulatory compliance in data management.
  • Allow authorized users to export data in the original format.
  • Efficiently upload the scanned document using a user friendly interface.
  • Use a securely hosted cloud based system that allows authorized employees to access critical records 24/7 from any location and any device.
  • Search dynamically by aircraft, engine or sub-component records.
  • Multi-level, multi role permissions allowing for restricted views and access depending on your roles.
  • Upload all physical inspection documentation e.g. photographs, videos of findings or simple type text that can be sent or shared with interested parties.
  • Provide back to birth traceability, maximising aircraft value and accelerating the aircraft transition process.
  • Mitigate potential loss and damage of physical records by having a digital copy.
  • Control all aspects of the aircraft records archiving from its delivery into the airline until re-delivery.

Inspection management (Module III)

Aircraft delivery or redelivery process in one place:

  • Detailed understanding of aircraft leases is invaluable particularly from a technical perspective as well as airworthiness regulations pertaining to the aircraft’s jurisdiction.
  • Inspections to comply with mid lease return conditions.
  • Report on non-compliance issues, defects and we continuously provide oversight on the aircraft for owners and lessors.
  • Co-ordination and management of the re-delivery process.
  • Continuous tracking of the aircraft at each and every phase using GIS technologies
  • Dynamic dashboard which expresses the meaning of the data, reveals details as needed, makes the complex simple, visual layout of dashboard.